Publication 'Design, designer and city metamorphoses' as the title says is about design in urban space. It tries to answer the question of how design and designers creates public space, but at the same time - social relations. How we should design urban space, to make it more practical for its users?

While creating graphic design for the book, we focused on making the idea for cover as clean as we could. We wanted it to just show what is book all about in first seconds. As it is commonly known, the usable graphics should be legible and understandable. We've created block pattern symbolizing crowded city area. It was used as a base for whole design. Blocks are standing here for posibility of changes - re-order things in city area. It should invite receiver (reader) to think about arranging space, and to making it in most aesthetic, practical and user-friendly way. How to do that - the answer is inside!