Geokonstruktion is a construction-releated company, with over 25 years in the business. Born in Katowice, Poland (and managed from Dusseldorf, Germany nowadays), it gained a lot of experience and trust of customers from many countries over the years. That encourage management to keep developing and improve. And one of the aspect that  definately needed improve was a visual identity. We had the pleasure to work on that in late 2019, and then designed also some stationery and website layout in 2020.

At first, we agreed to create simple, technical and modern but strictly typographical logo. Later on however, when we had it almost done, the idea of a simple icon based on the G letter came. Turned out, that because of relatively long name, logo might be hard to place on some equipment (and the solution was to put only "G" icon there). That's how the outcome took its final shape.

As for the color palette, we've decided to keep it simple and professional. Deep blue shade and white do the work. As a supporting color, for the accents, we've picked well-saturated green shade. It doesn't play a big role when it comes to prints, but helps a lot on the website.

Geokonstruktion stationery + photoGeokonstruktion stationery + photo