Kooperatyzm is a book series released by Oficyna Naukowa, fully dedicated to issues of coopetion initiatives in Poland during the majority of XXth century (up to 70's). Set of 11 books were prepared and edited by well-educated enthusiast of the idea. Some of the books were entirealy written from scratch, some were "just" carefully selected texts from historical representatives of this stream.

I had a pleasure of working on the visual aspect for the initiative. The process itself was very extended over time. First book was released back in 2016, and the last one in 2020. So it took us 4 years to close this project. During this time, the main idea evolved significantly. Originaly all 11 covers supposed to be simple and geometrical. But because of author's suggestions and needs we had to change our approach. So instead of simple shapes, we were exploring a lot of architectural aesthetic of the times, and later on, even human postures. Having only two colors to play with (one for light and one for shadow), it wasn't always easy. We had to make some compromises. But after all, we've managed to deliver solution that satisfy all those involved and concerned.

The nice distinction was appreciate from author of "Książka po okładce" ("Book by it's cover") book, who featured us in his book among many talented and some of the best book covers designers from Poland.