In early 2016, musicNOW.pl (an online music magazine from Warsaw, Poland), has decided to refresh their website and make it more up-to-date for multiple devices. Since they're basicaly non-profit organization - they've started to collect the money through local crowdfunding service. This decision quickly turned out to be a great idea. After just few weeks of running, budget was supercharged - so musicNOW could not only rebuild their website, but also put some refreshing touch to their rooster-based logo and branding.

Since the original logo was a little problematic in use, we took from it only rooster - the most significant element (and a brand hero). We gave him brand new look and completely changed typography. After that we did some stationery and gadgets to test the outcome in practice. Feel free to see (and read!) the whole new website at www.musicnow.pl.