Projekt: wnętrze (eng Project: interior) is a new brand dealing with interior design, from Warsaw, Poland. Kinga - who is the "man behind the name" here - asked us to create something simple, in black and white colours. Logo will be frequently used on interior visuals, so it was very important that it doesn't neither distract viewer attention, nor makes the composition less atractive (by standing out/not matching well). It also had to work good as a watermark. So, basicaly what we needed was an universal mark with strong and clear message.

The idea to show letter "P" as a simplified/schematic top-view of the room came to us almost instantly. And it turned out to be a hit. While we were trying other things out, we worked out two different concepts of course, but there could be only one winner. So, we we only needed to refining typography a bit, just to highlight stylish and designing vibe of the logo. And that gets us to the point presented below.

Besides logo, we also make a suggestion on typeface, that fits good and sketched out directions for further brand identity system, basing only on colours, typeface and some brand's interior visuals.

projekt wnetrzeprojekt wnetrze