sew me logosew me logo

SewMe is an online haberdashery shop. In fall of 2016, Aneta (bussiness owner), has decided to create proffesional identity for her's brand. Our job was to make good starting point for that.

All we needed here, was a neat, characteristic logo with well balanced color selection. We were working for about two months. In this time, we've gone through few different concepts, which of - at the end, the choice fell on light, fully typographical solution inspired by the 'dancing' thread or ribbon.

As it goes to colours, we were extremely careful, not to peak anything too dark, or too bright on the other hand. We wanted to stay colourfull but in reasonable dimension. Chosen colours are working good together, but also standing alone. Viusaly everything stays colourfull but still elegant. All in style and good taste. At the end, we also did a font selection, that completes whole concept.

sew me logosew me logo
sew me logosew me logo