Torbacze is a brand new (starting in 2018) family business, offering ecological/zero waste products. At start, the offer will contain fabric-made bags, which should be an alternative for the plastic ones. With the development of company, the range will be increased by many sorts of additional everyday products. The key is that they are dedicated to the enviroment-aware people, that care and want to help save planet Earth. "This project is rather a mission and hobby, than a source of income." - as the founders explain.

While creating the logo, we focused mainly on working out a strong symbol. It should be both suitable for brand profile, and family nature of the project. We had two tracks: a large fir that grows in front of the owners' house, and sparrows - since there are over a dozen sparrows' nest hidden in the house nooks and crannies. After first sketches, we knew that the sparrow is the right choice. Important part was to make the thing clear and readable, because the field of exploitation will be very small in most of the cases. So, all the details we have reduced to minimum, focusing mainly on simple shapes.

Next part, was to create solid branding visual system. We chose the right color palette. Selected suitable typeface. Designed an additional pattern. And at the end put it all together in one book of rules, that says and shows how to use this elements properly in consistent way. Few examples, photos and visualisations of the final effect are available below.