Project in cooperation with VIS MEDIA agency.

Piękność Dnia (PD) is a beauty studio from Katowice, Poland. It's a place that clearly stands out from competition because of individual treatment of every client, supported by knowledge and experience. However, since everybody uses this phrases nowadays, Mrs. Katarzyna Graca (founder of PD) decided to make some radical changes in her brand's look. She asked us to create new logo and brand identity that would stand out from the competiton as much as PD services does.

Our goal was to create elegant and clear branding with strong and simple logo. From few first logo drafts we showed her, Mrs Kasia quickly picked her favorite one, and we expand it to whole identity system. Since PD was using green color before, we've decided to stick to it. We've only changed the shade a bit, and added some pink elements to warm things up. My part of the work was to create logo, brand book, business card, and booklet template. VIS Media also did a lot of additonal promo materials, whole fb comunications, and brand new offical website: www.pieknoscdnia.com.pl. Go and check it!